Faker is a boutique agency, designing and building brands, digital products and experiences.


Who else is more suitable for creating true brands than a Faker? That’s right. 

We are here to help game changers and impact makers to get their awesome ideas to the next level in this rapidly changing world. We only make stuff we give a damn about, using our homemade branding and design recipe.

The battle for attention is a tough one, but we know how to win it.

We at Faker know exactly what we’re good at and also where we need to bring in other experts to offer you the top of the brand bill. We do this by teaming up with the best developers, copywriters and other communication specialists.

how it all started
Our founder Thijs Slootjes discovered the majestic world of design from his room in a little Dutch town called Ameide. After he got injured while catching a wave he had to spend summer at home. That meant he could spend his time searching for new design-tricks and become a kickass designer (not his own words, that would be weird).

Fast forward to when things got serious. Faker was founded and made its first move towards world dominance: moving to Amsterdam. ‘What I love most about my job is to brainstorm with companies about their business purpose and support this in a creative way. But it only works when we believe in a brand and its impact. Faker shows these so called ‘true brands’ how to use their strong core as their own brand magic’.

faker for the future
At Faker we believe in the power of positive actions. A part of our profit goes to organisations that put time and effort in making the world a better place.

People - KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)
Planet - The ocean clean-up
Privacy - Bits of freedom



Lets meet for a steamy double caffè latte macchiato barista excellence. (Water is fine too).

Wanna brainstorm?

At Faker we love to put our creative brains to the test. Pick our branded brains for your concept or business idea, no strings attached.

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