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Do you need an agency for the logo design of your company in Amsterdam? Here at Faker Agency, we are happy to introduce ourselves to you. A logo is a symbol of this time. With a great logo design, you use a symbol to communicate information about your company, which is easily remembered by your customers and prospects. It enables your company to communicate with both visual and auditory signals. 

Faker Agency is a professional design agency in Amsterdam that can create a perfect logo for your product or organization. As a result, our logo designs are engraved in the memory of your target group. A logo is an inseparable part of your company. It embodies how your customers and prospects think about your company or product. Are you looking for a great logo design agency in or near Amsterdam? Then Faker Agency is your professional partner. 
You may think that a professional logo design is unnecessary and out of reach, that it is something for large companies or for trendy design studios. Nothing is less true. The importance of a good logo should also not be underestimated for small or medium-sized companies. These companies are working on building a brand every day. So why ignore it? Faker Agency logo design in Amsterdam leaves a positive feeling in the minds of you, and your customers! 

Have your logo design made in Amsterdam at Faker Agency 
If a logo design was not important, why did so many companies paid a lot of attention to it? If branding (building an identity) was not important, we would live in a world of generic products and services. In the supermarket, for example, we are confronted daily with brands in all shapes and sizes. The one even more colourful than the other. 

But why do we choose brand A in a split-second, while brand B is 10 centimetres away? That has everything to do with the feeling that the brand exudes. Is it reliable, does it exude quality, or does it have a cheap appearance? And that is exactly what Faker Agency does with your logo. We design it to let your customers no choice. 

They have to choose your product or service. Logos and brands are very important in the decision process of new customers. A company with a good logo has an advantage at the time because a professional logo design creates a sense of trust. And trust is one of the most important reasons why customers choose for your company or brand. So, if you need a great logo design agency in Amsterdam, Faker Agency is your partner.

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Together with Faker Agency we were able to work out the Holistik brand in every detail. The brand is rock solid and ensures that everyone understands what Holistik stands for.

Karlijn Visser


Faker's founders are highly talented. They are able to translate business goals into identity and top notch design. #nofakenews

Dave Rader

Founder GYLD

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